About Us

Pediatric Health Center has been providing premier pediatric care since 1978. Founded by Dr. Aaron S. Goldberg, M.D., the practice has grown to 5 doctors and 17 employees. PHC Office is state-of-the-art, utilizing Greenway’s Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management (PM) system. You can view your lab results and messages on the secure PHC Patient Portal, as well as request scheduling changes and call backs. And with Electronic Prescriptions, you no longer have to wait at the pharmacy for your prescription to be filled.

Services We Offer

Education Materials: Films and Books on Newborns, Adolescents, Allergies, Breast Feeding, Kid Safety, Tonsils & Adenoids, Discipline, Self-Esteem, Toilet Training and many other areas
EKG and X-Rays: Hospital of your choice
Examinations: Well Baby Checkups, Complete Physical Exams, Acute Illness Exams, Counseling on Behavior Problems and Management of ADHD
Immunizations: DPTA, Tdap, IPV, MMR, Flu Vaccine, Pneumovax, Prevnar 13, Varicella, HIB, Rotateq/Rotarix, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A. Meningococcal Vaccine, Gardasil
Laboratories: Cholesterol, Lipid Profile,Total Blood Count, Routine Urinalysis, Rapid Influenza, Rapid RSV, Rapid Strep, Urine Cultures, Blood in Stool
Procedures: Aerosol/Nebulizer Treatment, Ear Washing, Drainage of Abscesses, Laceration Repairs
Tests: Hearing, Vision, Peak Flow, and Pulse Oximetry, Spirometery,

Checkups, Immunizations & Labs

Check-up age:

1 Week History, Physical Exam, Education Materials, PKU
2 Week Physical exam only, educ materials
4 Weeks Physical exam only – Hep B
2 Months HIB, DPTA, IPV, Prevnar, Rotovirus vaccine (depending on brand,2 or 3 doses)
4 Months HIB, DPTA, IPV, Prevnar, Rotovirus vaccine
6 Months IPV, DPTA, Prevnar, possible 3rd rotovirus vaccine
9 Months Physical exam – Hep B
12 Months Hepatitis A , MMRV, CBC, Lead screen if high risk
15 Months Hib, Prevnar, CBC if not done at 12 months
18 Months DPTA, Hep A
2 Years Physical exam only, Lead screen if high risk
2 1/2 years Physical exam, Autism Screening
3 Years CHECKUP, UA , Cholesterol
4 Years DPTA, IPV, MMRV, Vision/Hearing
5 Years CHECKUP (if indicated, UA, HCT,Vision)
6 Years and every 2yrs after CHECKUP, (if indicated, Urinalysis, HCT, PPD, vision, and Updating Immunizations)
11-18 Years Tdap, Menactra, Gardasil, Complete Exam, Vision/Hearing

Certifications & Associations

  • American Board Certified Pediatricians
  • American Academy of Pediatrics
  • East Metro Medical Society
  • Medical Association of Georgia
  • American Medical Association